Demonstration Project on OTEC of Okinawa at Deep Ocean Water Application in Kumejima

Yasuyuki Ikegami
Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University, Japan

Keywords: OTEC, Connected to electric grid, Okinawa, Pacific Ocean

In FY2012, the Okinawa prefectural government has started the 100 kW demonstration project of OTEC system using actual ocean energy at Kumejima,Okinawa in Japan. As first step, the 50kW OTEC plant has been constructed on March 2013. It is succeed to operate to connect to the electric grid. It is mean to go up the new stage of real OTEC Technology to connect the electric grid for the first time in 15 years in the world. In this paper, OTEC project of Okinawa at deep Ocean sea water application at Kumejima, Okinawa in Japan is introduce in detail. The data of the OTEC plant is evaluated by simulation and experimentally.

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