Analysis of Proper Depth for Gaining Seawater Heat for Heating and Cooling in Busan, Korea

Samuel Kim, Ki-Chang Chang
Dongeui University, Korea

Keywords: Ocean theral Energy, water intake depth

The requirement of renewable energy has been increased, and the use of seawater for heating and cooling is one of the options for the energy solution. Use of heat from seawater could be different from the weather conditions for a coastal city and seawater temperatures near the city. Deep seawater may be a good option for a city requiring massive cooling around the year, but cities requiring heating and cooling need to have a different approach. This study investigates the proper depth for seawater heat of Busan area in Korea. By using heat pump systems, seawater could be used for heating and cooling. Through investigating the temperature of seawater according to the depth, the requirement of installation cost and the amount of energy reserve, proper seawater intake depth for heating and cooling in Busan is suggested.

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