OTEC - A collaborative effort

Paul Dinnissen / Carsten Broich
OTEC Foundation, Netherlands

Keywords: OTEC, collaboration

The OTEC Foundation was founded by a diverse group of people from the Netherlands, Sweden and the US to raise global awareness for OTEC. It has consolidated different initiatives and stakeholders around the world and serves as a hub for information and resources to advance the technology implementation. I would welcome the opportunity to introduce the OTEC foundation and provide an update on OTEC developments worldwide. The foundation is a collaborative effort and we aim to team up with stakeholders around the world, such as knowledge institutes, governments, NGOs, and businesses. In order to strengthen the potential of Ocean Thermal Energy applications and to create more support, we believe that it is essential to bring together these stakeholders and to leverage their expertise, resources, and passion. Raising awareness for what has been achieved already is crucial for the credibility and swift adaptation of OTEC.

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