OTEC Heat Exchangers: Performance and Power Output for Historical & Modern Designs

Pat Grandelli, Duke Hartman, Michael Eldred, Steven Rizea
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc., United States

Keywords: OTEC, heat exchanger, evaporator, Makai

Numerous heat exchangers for closed-cycle OTEC have been designed and tested during the past thirty-five years. For each project, conscientious engineers strive to create a design that maximizes heat transfer while minimizing seawater pumping power and cost, using the best design tools and concepts of the era. Most organizations presently developing OTEC have their own unique heat exchanger designs. They often operate a special facility to test them. So, after more than three decades of development, have OTEC heat exchangers become any better? This presentation will compare historical test data from several United States OTEC projects, plus new heat exchanger test data collected at Makai Ocean Engineering’s OTEC Test Facility. We will also consider how these varying designs generate different quantities of power and revenue.

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