The Korean Roadmap to OTEC industrialization

Hyeon-Ju Kim and Kee-Dong Yeo
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Korea

Keywords: OTEC, Electricity, Industrialization, Roadmap, Green growth

Though the efficiency of ocean thermal energy conversion is merely about 3-4%, but sufficient availability of up to 10 TW and volatility have garnered attention from the incessant advantages. From this, the Korean government launched R&D project on development of ocean thermal energy conversion system, after having established OTEC Roadmap in 2010. The Roadmap have recently been revised with 3 guidelines to boost OTEC plant industry in 2020. As 1st step of the guideline, basic study on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) has been focused during 2010-2013 to prove technologically power generation based on 30W mock-up to prove electricity generation and 20kW pilot plant to confirm the possibility of economical establishment. 2nd step during 2014-2017 will implement design and fabrication of pre-commercial OTEC plant of 200kW to 1MW power generation to combine geo/solar thermal source and deep ocean heat sink for high latitude countries as well as to enhance an economical system for isolated tropical islands. Commercial OTEC plants bigger than 10MW OTEC system will be developed for deep sea mining FPSO(Floating Production Storage and Offloading) and as well as tropical coastal zone to eager creation of green growth at 3rd step after 2018.

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