Experiment and analysis for heat transfer characteristics of low-cost heat exchangers using sea water

Jeong-Tae Kwon, Chang-Kyeong Lee, Hyeon-Min Kwon, Cheol Huh, Young-Chul Kwon
Hoseo University, Korea

Keywords: heat transfer, low-cost, heat exchanger, experiment, analysis

This paper presents the effects of the tube materials on the heat transfer performance of double-tube heat exchangers for the development of heat exchangers using deep sea water; heat exchangers made ​​of titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper, and aluminum with carbon black 0.015mm and 0.15mm coating were tested. Titanium is widely used for heat exchangers using sea-water due to its anti-corrosion properties in spite of the expensive cost. In order to replace titanium heat exchangers, various low-cost material tubes were considered. Water to water heat exchangers were carefully designed and tested for measurement of heat exchange performances with various experimental conditions. Also, the heat transfer rate of each heat exchanger was calculated by using EES (Engineering Equations Solver) program. The calculated values were compared with the experimental ones, and the deviations were less than 10%. From the above experiment and analysis, aluminum with carbon black 15 coating can be considered the most promising candidate for the replacement of titanium heat exchangers.

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