Status of OTEC Turbine Selection and Test Facility Operation: Makai Ocean Engineering

Pat Grandelli, Michael Eldred
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc., United States

Keywords: OTEC, turbine, generator, ocean, Hawaii

The OTEC Test Facility in Hawai`i has been operational for nearly two years, with continuous corrosion tests underway for more than three years. A new 100 kilowatt OTEC turbine is being procured for testing. The new machinery will result in the world’s only operational OTEC plant since 1998, and will be the first closed-cycle OTEC generator ever connected to a power grid. This presentation by Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. will provide a status report on the turbine generator design and manufacturing, plus the related electrical and mechanical installation scheduled for completion before spring 2014. It will also summarize heat exchanger and related testing completed through summer 2013.

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