The 21st Century Innovation of Drilled Hydrothermal Energy: Sustainable Benefits for Island Communities Starting in Guam

Ted Jagusztyn
Cotherm Of America Corporation, United States

Keywords: OTEC, Drilled, Hydrothermal, Energy, DHE

Drawing upon the common knowledge of geothermal energy and hydroelectric power, this presentation introduces the audience to Drilled Hydrothermal Energy or DHE, which is the process of drilling to obtain thermal energy from a large body of water. The presentation briefly explores the history of the related art of OTEC. The speaker advocates the innovation of using tunnel boring machines and/or directional drilling technology to erect conduits from shore to access ocean water for sustainable energy generation introducing a comprehensive, yet more resilient solution than the prior art. Existing SWAC projects such as in Bora Bora, Polynesia as well as the diverse businesses using the deep cold seawater pipe at Hawaii’s NELHA facility indicate that the key to ocean thermal energy’s commercial success is to capitalize on more than just one revenue stream. The author proposes at least nine distinct benefits and revenue streams of adopting DHE for island and coastal communities within drilling reach of 39oF and 80oF water. The presentation concludes with a proposed demonstration site of DHE technology at Naval Base Guam to not only prove the viability of the concept but to use Ecosystem-based Management (EBM) to assure the diligent stewardship of the environment.

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