The Project Green-Eagle: A Korean Bio-Jet Fuels Initiative

Ji-Won Yang
KAIST, Korea

Keywords: bio fuel, jet fuel

"The demand for the biomass-based drop-in transportation fuels that can replace the existing petroleum-based fuels has encouraged policy makers throughout the world to introduce new legal mandates and researchers to identify ground-breaking solution to the challenging problems. Korea is not an exception to this new challenge and has been actively establishing national agenda such as Green Technology Policy and Biomass-based Energy Technical Roadmap, and investing heavily in R&D efforts to produce various fuels including jet fuels using biomass. The Advanced Biomass R&D Center (ABC) is the largest research consortium (US$110 Million) in Korea that focuses its efforts to develop break-through basic and applied research and engineering solutions to produce the biomass-based biofuels economically and sustainably. Over 200 active participants work together to devise scientific and engineering solutions to solve the challenges that are associated with the production of biomass-based transportation fuels. In the present talk, ABC’s new initiative called “The Project Green-Eagle” that focuses to produce bio-jet fuels by using microalgal biomass will be discussed. ABC is actively testing new approaches that include a direct biodiesel conversion from wet biomass, hydrothermal liquefaction to produce biocrude, and a new catalyst-based hydro-upgrading of microalgae-based biodiesel with the goal to produce bio-jet fuels that meet ASTM standards and can be used for a military airplane jet-engine. The current policy and funding strategies in Korea in biomass-based alternative energy, and the recent technical progresses that have been made in ABC will be also discussed. (This work was supported by the Advanced Biomass R&D Center (ABC) of Korea Grant funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future ( (ABC-2011-K000908)."

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