BioEnergy Parks - Cleantech Solutions for Marine, Industrial and Municipal Electricity and Transportation Fuels

Tom McGrath
ReSource BioEnergy Inc., United States

Keywords: BioEnergy, Bio-CNG, Anaerobic-Digestion, Biogas, Fuel-cells

BioEnergy solutions can support marine, industrial and municipal operations to move off fossil fuels for both electricity and transportation sectors. A few numbers show why: • BioGas for transportation eliminates 22 pounds of carbon per diesel gallon • BioGas cuts greenhouse gases 88 – 100% • BioGas has near zero carbon emissions on a life-cycle basis BioEnergy solutions eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and agriculture by re-sourcing organic biowaste because: • Methane, such as those from landfills, is 20-70 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide • US landfills produce 30+ million tons of food waste annually, which would produce 15 billion cubic meters of Biogas and 90 billion kWh of electricity The top 4 benefits achievable with BioEnergy products and solutions include: • Costs competitive to fossil fuel energy systems • Zero Carbon footprint • Endless supply of feedstock • Locally produced feedstock, reducing electricity and transportation fuel supply disruptions, improving local and national security, repatriating economic activity

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