KIng Cove, Alaska - A Remote Community in the North Pacific Having the Most Successful Small Hydro in Rural Alaska

Gary Hennigh
City of King Cove, Alaska, United States

Keywords: renewable,hydro,unique,successful,wind

King Cove, Alaska is located on the shores of the North Pacific Ocean about 2,000 miles north of the Hawaiian Islands. We are an isolated community of 960 people and home to North America’s largest wild salmon cannery. For the past 15 years, 60% of our annual energy demand of 5MW has been produced by an unique run-of-the-river hydro facility. There is no other single-site utility in rural Alaska producing this amount of annual energy from a renewable source. Now, the city is poised to break ground on another hydro project. This hydro is expected to produce another 1MW of energy. Combined with our current hydro, about 70% of our energy source will be renewable energy. King Cove is also continuing to explore adding wind energy to our power portfolio. We have class 6 winds. King Cove knows what it means to be a powerhouse. It means knowing how to dream big, plan big, and make it happen. We understand that if rural communities like ours are to survive and prosper, energy independence is the gold standard! We are always pleased to share our story via a Power Point presentation.

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