Sea Electrical Energy Production

Richard Navarro, Juan Perales, Jr., Major General Adrian
Creative Minds Solutions, LLC, United States

Keywords: Hydroelectric, hydrokinetic, green, renewable, energy

After 5 years of research, the patented Sea Electrical Energy Production (SEEP) (U.S. Patent # 8,424,300) system is a game changer. It is a land based hydroelectric power plant that uses sea water to drive the time tested turbine. It results in greater operational control, reduced construction and maintenance costs, and easier connection to the grid compared to other ocean based systems. SEEP addresses all 9 renewable energy issues to produce firm electricity without environmental pollution, destruction of habitat, and at 50% less cost. Conventional hydroelectricity is limited in Hawaii due to site limitations and no hydroelectricity is produced on Oahu where the energy need is greatest. SEEP is island ready and will provide hydroelectricity where it was previously not an option. This poster will highlight the concepts of the first 10 MW hydroelectric power plant on Oahu and define the remaining challenges to be addressed. It will identify the important public advantages offered by the SEEP. The Creative Minds Solutions team includes engineers, marine biologists, and business leaders with a combined experience exceeding 200 years and ranges from 5- 35 years.

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