A Stochastic Mathematical Program with Equilibrium Constraints with An Application to Wastewater-derived Energy

Chalida U-tapao
University of Maryland, College park, United States

Keywords: Wastewater, Biosolids, Renewable energy, Mathematical model, Operation research

Operations research (OR) is one of many mathematical models that can support sustainable development of world energy consumption. In this talk, we present a stochastic mathematical program with equilibrium constraints (MPEC). This two-level problem is a stochastic model for wastewater-derived energy with a strategic wastewater treatment plant as the upper-level player. The lower-level players make up the fertilizer, CNG transportation and electricity markets. All lower-level players are price-takers. The strategic player’s decisions involve converting uncertain amounts of biosolids into biogas and/or electricity for internal or external purposes. This research uses OR to optimize a decision maker’s objectives within the limits of available energy resources and also provide results for sustainable development.

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