Commercial Energy Efficient Waste Water Treatment & Water Reuse - IMET Technology

Mehmet Gencer
IMET Corp., United States

Keywords: Wastewater treatment, energy-efficient, water reuse

IMET’s modular wastewater treatment and water reuse technology facilitates treatment of wastewater with significantly more than 50% reduced energy usage as compared to current systems employed in municipal, residential, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment applications. More than 50% reduction in bio-sludge production achieved by IMET technology provides significant savings in recovering and trucking sludge. Successfully applied IMET technology enables reuse and recycle of treated water or recharging rivers, lakes and groundwater with treated water. Large-scale IMET field applications for reuse, recycle and recharge of treated wastewater will be presented. Today, the world has a serious water sustainability problem. Increasing population and demand from agriculture (irrigation) and industry create increased need for quality water. Technologies such as IMET are needed to clean wastewater to levels that reuse and recycle of water for all applications are economically possible. IMET technology provides clean water with low levels of biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total suspended solids (TSS), enabling economical reuse and recycle of treated water in applications such as irrigation, washing, and industrial process water applications. IMET technology will provide critical water reuse and recycle in isolated lands such as islands.

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