Experience in Design, Construction and Reconstruction of Seawall Made of Composite Materials for the Black Sea Coast Protection

A. Ushakov, E. Ashpiz, O. Egorov, Yu. Klenin
Scientific and Production Enterprise “ApATeCh - Applied Advanced Technology Company Ltd.”, Russian Federation

Keywords: polymer composite materials, seawall, fiberglass panel, reinforced soil, anchor pull

The article presents the work results on creation of fundamentally new design and building technology of new seawalls and reconstruction of existing coast protection structures using polymer composite materials (PCM). The work involves the carrying out of strength calculations, designing, production and testing of prototypes, manufacturing, installation and operation experience of full-scale objects. The complex system is developed for newly built seawalls. This system consists of reinforced soil and fiberglass panels joined together by means of anchor pulls (anchors). Reinforced soil (from the shore side) takes up the load of the coast soil weight and fiberglass panel (from the sea side) takes up the load of the sea waves and pebble suspending effect, protecting reinforced soil from erosion. The reduction of sand and gravel erosion on the front surface of the seawall panels is achieved by applying of anti-erosion coating. The structure has mobility property that allows, if necessary, the dismantling of the seawall, transferring and re-assembling at the new location. Design and technological solutions of damaged seawalls reconstruction are based on the not removable formwork principle. Composite panel, taking up the load of the sea waves while in operation, plays the part of formwork for concrete pouring during assembling.

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