Fabrication of the Carbon Paper with High Gas Permeability

Yoonjong Yoo
Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER), Korea

Keywords: GDL, GDM, carbon fiber web, carbon paper, fuel cell

The gas diffusion media in fuel cells play important roles in H2 and O2 transport, catalyst support and providing electrically conductive pathways. In general, carbon papers, which are composed of carbon fibers, have been used as gas diffusion media because of their high electrical conductivity and gas permeability. For preparing nonwoven webs, the wet-laid process in water provides individual separation of CFs in a carbon web. Ozonolysis involves the cleavage reaction of unsaturated hydrocarbons with ozone to generate oxidized functional groups such as alcohol, carbonyl acid. The ozonolysis reaction of carbon materials with graphitic surfaces has been widely used to modify their properties. Regarding the oxidation of CFs, an atmospheric plasma treatment and ozone treatment was used to modify the surface properties of CFs to increase the wettability to hydrophilic molecules. Such hydrophilic modifications prompted us to study the oxidation of CFs by the ozone treatment for the dispersion of CFs in water, which is important for developing CPs by the wet-laid process. Herein, we report the surface modification of CFs by the ozone treatment and the preparation of the CP by the wet-laid process. Such CP showed a high gas permeability and electric conductivity for fuel cell applications.

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