Development of New Technology for Energy Efficient Roof System

Serji Amirkhanian & Renzo Taffarello
MAS USA LLC, United States

Keywords: Solar, Thermal, PV, Green buildings, Multi layer plastic system

This paper describes an innovative new patented roofing system generating energy (solar) and needed hot water (thermal). This integrated system aims at renewable energy market development with a new approach to roofing and green building materials and components (LEED certifiable). The roof system will be used in many applications including: a) residential; b) commercial; c) government buildings, etc. The system is based on the Polyurethane Layers System (PLS) and Adhesive Promotion (AP) technology that has been successfully applied in other industries. The system is modular and pre fabricated and could be installed like a lego-type system. The roof structure will satisfy the new building’s needs such as: a) Every module is a complete unit; b) No need for insulation materials; c) 100% recyclable eco-friendly; d) Wiring, piping and framing integrated into one system; e) Self-sustaining materials; f) Earthquake resistance; g) Customization available at production run. The rapid deployment and using a single team to assemble the entire roof system in a short period of time are the major benefits. The integration of all the above-mentioned elements is the key to the high performance and low cost of the system.

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