Converting Biomass and Other Waste into Clean Combined Heat and Power

Barry J. Berman
AgriPower, Inc., United States

Keywords: biomass, transportable, heat, power

AgriPower manufactures, sells, installs and services unique, proprietary, modular and transportable Waste-to-Energy, Heat Only (“HO”) systems and Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) “Systems”. The Systems use Biomass and many other waste materials as fuel to provide a clean and reliable source of low-cost heat energy, electricity and Co-Generation. Using well-established combustion and power production technologies, the CHP Systems can continuously produce from 125 kW to 3 MW of on-site, base load electric power and from 2 MMBtu/hr up to 60 MMBtu/hr of heat energy in an environmentally friendly manner. The HO Systems can satisfy numerous high temperature heating needs such as producing ultra-hot air, hot water and steam, for bonding and drying various products such as paint, wood and excessively wet fuel. Both System types can provide a wide variety of Co-Generation applications including air conditioning, refrigeration, water desalination and purification, making ice and low grade heat for heating buildings and pre-heating cold water. The Systems solve several important problems many enterprises have to deal with on a daily basis: disposing of their waste materials in an economically and environmentally acceptable manner and obtaining low-cost, on-site, reliable heat energy, electricity and/or Co-Generation.

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