Next Generation Thermal Energy Agriculture (TEA) System

Richard Bailey
DewPoint Systems, United States

Keywords: thermal, energy, ocean. agriculture, freshwater

The Hawaiian Islands, the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and many coastal US military bases are highly dependent on imported energy and food. These sites are also at high risk of climate change and/or rising sea level that can impact freshwater resources (US Office of Dir. of National Intelligence, 2012). Hawaii’s agricultural produce imports were valued at $3.7 billion in the years 2004-2005 which is estimated to represent 85% of the food consumed in the State, and this scenario is true for many islands around the world. Ocean thermal energy utilized for sea water air-conditioning (SWAC) systems is a proven logical technology that can reduce imported fossil fuels by as much as 90%. DewPoint Systems has developed and patented agriculture and freshwater generation systems that can utilize renewable ocean thermal energy and residual thermal waste energy from SWAC systems. DewPonics™ is the next generation of thermal energy agriculture (TEA) system which is modular in design, equipped with remote sensors and controllable via internet hand held electronic devices. DewPoint Systems’ TEA technologies can improve the health and economies of communities with ocean thermal energy projects, making it a sensible ancillary benefit of SWAC installations.

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