Performance evaluation of a vapour bubble pump in a solar powered absorption refrigerator working on methanol

Emmanuel Onochie
Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Nigeria

Keywords: Vapour absorption, solar, submergence ratio, bubble pump, energy

A standard vapour absorption refrigeration system has a solution pump that transfers solution from the absorber to the generator. Solar heat energy derivable from flat plate solar collectors is adequate for generating refrigerant vapour from refrigerant-absorbent solutions but grossly inadequate for driving a mechanical solution pump. An experimental rig was constructed to test the performance of a vapour bubble pump against varying diameters of riser pipes(d), head(h) and submergence ratio(r). The rig consists of two modules of flat-plate solar collectors, the generator, condenser, vapour bubble pump, separator, receiver, cooling water header tank and a vacuum pump. On successful assembly, the rig is evacuated and charged with Lithium Bromide-Methanol solution. Analyses of experimental results show that a riser diameter of 8 mm, submergence ratio of 0.2 and a head of 800 mm gave the optimum solution delivery.

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