Global Island Network

The Global Islands Network (GIN) was formally launched in June 2002 and is based in the Western Isles of Scotland. GIN represents a hub that connects and coordinates efforts to help ensure a healthy and productive future for islanders. It does this by conducting and promoting culturally appropriate, ecologically sound, economically sustainable and socially equitable development on islands worldwide. Core activities comprise managing our website with services like online calendar and marketplace; providing a daily news desk that has sourced and featured over 10,000 items since it started; and maintaining a links directory with over 4,000 entries. Major projects have included setting up and managing the Scottish Islands Network; acting as a coordinator for the IUCN-WCPA Task Force on Island Conservation and Protected Areas; instigating and then working with UNEP-WCMC to create a Global Island Database (GID). Over the past three years GIN has been researching/compiling 50 Green Island case studies from around the world that have documented good practices related to renewable energy & eco housing; waste minimisation & recycling; water management & security; extensive agriculture & organic food production; transport; sustainable tourism & niche marketing; biodiversity & protected areas; integrated development planning; climate change mitigation & adaptation measures. Since most of these island communities work in isolation GIN would now like to provide a mechanism bringing them all together to share best practices as widely as possible and inspire other islands wishing to follow their examples but lack the confidence and practical experience on how to go about it.