Jooho Whang

Jooho Whang

Korea Institute of Energy Research

Dr. Jooho Whang took the office in September 2010. As the President of the KIER, he has focused on building the institute as one of the promising global energy innovators. Under his presidency, the KIER has set up 6 major R&D areas including renewable energy for distributed power generation, heat energy network, CO2-free, clean fuel, next-generation battery, and energy materials for conversion.

Besides his presidency in the KIER, he serves the country as a member of the National Science and Technology Commission (NSTC). As the Chairman of the Nation-led Technology Committee under the NSTC, he did an excellent job in budget appropriations for technology R&D in energy, nuclear energy, environment and defense. He is also a member of the National Energy Committee, and Vice President of the Korea Society for Energy Engineering. He is an athletic man, serving as Vice President of the Korea Cycling Federation.

Before he took the office, he had been a professor in Nuclear Engineering Department of Kyung Hee University in Seoul, the capital of the country for 20 years.

He studied in Seoul National University in Korea and Georgia Institute of Technology in USA. He got his doctorate in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering for Georgia Institute of Technology.

In December 27, 2010, he was awarded the Iron Tower Medal by the Korea President Lee Myung-bak for his contribution to the project of UAE nuclear power plant.