Maria Tome

Maria Tome

Renewable Energy Program Manager
State Energy Office, DBEDT

Maria Tome, State of Hawaii Renewable Energy Program Manager, is a registered professional engineer with over twenty years of experience in renewable and transportation energy.

Transforming our energy systems is something we must work together to accomplish.

One analogy is that we are on a train. While this train is moving down the tracks, we are changing the engine -- and replacing the fuel. The tracks ahead are being moved, too, by changing regulations, climate change, and global competition.

To survive, we need to stay focused, communicate well, and move quickly.

Ms. Tome has directed and participated in renewable energy strategy development, resource assessments, policy analysis, and technical reviews of solar, wind, biomass, methane, hydropower, geothermal, ocean energy, fuel cells, energy storage, smart grid, and power transmission; as well as projects in transportation energy, electric vehicles, hydrogen, ethanol, methanol, propane, biodiesel, and renewable jet fuels.