Cleantech Project Poster Presentations

Accepted Presenting Posters Include:

Mercurius BiorefiningMichael VeveraBypassing Sugars to produce drop in diesel, jet fuels, and green chemicals
EnOcean AllianceCory VanderpoolWireless, Energy Harvesting Technology for Sustainable Buildings
Creative Minds Solutions, LLCRichard NavarroSea Electrical Energy Production II
Universidad de la Republica UruguayC. Ottati, F. Ares, A. Damboriarena and M. LoprettiManagement of citric solid wastes to produce bioethanol
SopogyDarren T. KimuraCommercial and Industrial Thermal Applications of MicroCSP
SopogyDarren T. KimuraMicro-CSP Grid Integration
SopogyDarren T. KimuraSopogy’s MicroCSP
Blue Revolution HawaiiLeighton ChongThe Pacific International Ocean Station
Atmocean, Inc.Philip W. KithilComparison of Carnegie “CETO” and Atmocean “WEST” Wave Energy Technologies
Korea UniversityJungbae KimEnzymatic biofuel cells based on nanobiocatalysis
Quantum Potential CorporationMax I. Fomitchev-ZamilovCavitation-Induced Fusion: Tomorrow’s Clean Energy
Kansas State University, Center for Hazardous Substance ResearchLarry EricksonSmart Solar Powered Charge Stations for Electric Vehicles
The Leighty FoundationBill LeightyLarge Stranded Renewable Energy: Alternatives to Electricity for Transmission and Low-cost Firming Storage as Pipelined Hydrogen and Ammonia Carbon-free Fuels
Chonbuk National UniversityHak Yong KimNovel Electrospun Nanofiber Mats as Effective Catalysts for Water Photosplitting
Demand Energy NetworksDoug StakerFirming Solar PV with Distributed Energy Storage
MAS-USA LLCSerji Amirkhanian and Renzo TafferalloNew Development in Green Roofing Technology Application
Firefly Power, LLCJanet Janiuk and Peter JaniukAffordable, light weight, on-site wind generation for the masses
Cogenra SolarGilad AlmogyMaximizing Resources with High Efficiency Hybrid Solar
Gachon UniversityZihai Liu and Eun-Cheol LeeDevelopment of acceptor-layer-added bulk-heterojunction polymer solar cells for power conversion efficiency improvement
eGaugeHawaiiSean Costello, Tyler Law, and David AllenElectronic Monitoring and Sub-Metering
Korea Institute of Energy ResearchSeunghwan Yoo, Ho-Young Song, Cheol-Yong Jang, Hakgeun JeongWafer-scale fabrication and low-cost production of diffractive optical elements for high brightness LED using imprinting technique
Elementa GroupJay Zwierschke and Alison WiseThe Future of Infrastructure: Our Evolution from Fossils’ Dependence to Clean Electricity, Fuels and Chemicals
Xtreme PowerEric StallingsManaging Variability of Solar and Wind on Small Grids: Report on 3 Full Scale Implementations
Ideal Power ConvertersPaul BundschuhInnovative 3-port PV and battery converter enables low cost distributed storage in commercial PV systems
National Taiwan UniversityC.H. Wang, G.J. Ueng, W.J. Chen, J.Y. YangAn Experimetnal Study on the Burning Characteristics of Binary-Fuels and Water-In-Oil
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & TechnologyHuen LeeCapturing carbon dioxide from flue gas using ice-like clathrate hydrate materials
Thrustcycle Enterprises LLCClyde IgarashiBoth Flywheel KERS and gyroscopically stabilized road vehicle are practical with spinning battery design and low friction gyroscopic precession and drift control systems
Chosun UniversityTaegyu KimHigh energy density fuel cell power system for electric unmanned autonomous system
Proton OnSiteStephen SzymanskiRenewable Hydrogen Production for Stationary and Transportation Energy Applications
SylvatexVirginia KlausmeierSmart fuel today for a sustainable tomorrow
Smart Utility SystemsKen SimsAMI Smart Grid Cyber Security Assessment
GeoTek Energy, LLCDave MarshallGravity Head Energy System - Advanced Technology for Geothermal Power
Architectural ApplicationsJohn E. BreshearsBuilding-Integrated Heat and Mositure Exchange- better a/c with less energy
Ceiba ForestryMatthew Brewer and Samuel LarsonNew Technological Applications for Sub-Tropical Biomass-to-energy
Zero Waste Technologies HawaiiRamsay TaumRenewable Energy
XTRLs International, incDavid Olson, P.E.Microgrid Controller for Intelligent Hybrid-Renewable Generation Dispatch to Smart-Grid
SOCPRASimon Ayoub and Philippe MabilleauSmart load management of appliances in residential networks using novel Peer-to-Peer network Topology system for peak shaving in the smart grid
Smart Utility SystemsCatherine HodgeSuccess of the Smart Grid Depends On Smart Customers
Umpqua Energy, Inc.Daniel WellsEVOPAC™, An Advanced Emission Reduction System For Internal Combustion Engines Plus Increased Fuel Efficiency
Integrated Power Technology CorporationAndrew R. GizaraMobile Buoyant Integrated Refineries
Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.Duke Hartman and Billy PieperSeawater Air Conditioning - Harnessing Deep Cold Ocean Water for Renewable Cooling that Pays
Integrated Energy Services LLCKaren Bertram and Kip FunkRoad to Zero Waste
Teledyne Scientific & ImagingSung-Yong ParkElectrowetting-driven Solar Trackers for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) rooftop applications
Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning, LLCAnders RydakerDistrict Cooling - Cool. Green. Clean.
General Vortex Energy Inc.Anatoli A BorissovClean Burn Vortex Combustor with Low Walls Temperature for Turbine Engines
DuPont Fluorochemicals R&DKonstantinos KontomarisWorking Fluids with Low Global Warming Potentials for Low Temperature Heat Utilization
Granite Bay EnergyMichael Lurvey and Holli TamasTCOM- Thermal Conversion of Organic Material
University of British Columbia, Materials Engineering Dept.T. Troczynski, H. Karimi Sharif, C. Oprea, C. Blair, A. WelchNatural Gas Direct-Injection Clean Engines by Westport Innovations Inc. - Materials Challenges and Solutions
Powin EnergyMike MorsePowin Energy Modular Grid Storage System
University of Salerno, Department of Industrial EngineeringAntonio PiccoloOptimal Operation of Smart Grids with Innovative Energy Management Systems
Chonnam National UniversityYun-Sung LeeOptimization of lithium rich cobalt phosphate cathode material for lithium battery under harsh test condition
Mt. Hood Community CollegeJavid MohtashamEducational Opprtunity within the fields of Sustainability, Health & Safety
Dynamis Energy, LLCPete JohnsonDon’t Waste It, Convert It! On-Site WTE Solution
Inha UniversityKyungmun Kang, Sunghyun Park, Geonhui Gwak, and Hyunchul JuDevelopment of a lightweight 200W Direct Methanol Fuel Cell stack for UAV applications and study of its operating characteristics
Atmocean, Inc.Philip W. KithilWave Energy System With Subsea Storage and Onshore Generation
ReactWell, LLCBrandon IglesiasUnderground Geothermal Biomass-to-Oil & Bioproduct Production Platform
Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologyL. Kiwi-MinskerStructured Catalysts for the Reduction of Nitrates and Bromates from Natural Water in Continuous Mode
United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)Craig Walker, Stella M. Oggianu and Mike PerryRenewable–based Distributed Power Systems (DPS) with Multiple Dispatchable Energy Storage Technologies and Multi-Level Hierarchical Controls
Universidad de la Republica UruguayMary LoprettiBioethanol from forest residue
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryOmar Abdelaziz, Kai Wang, Edward A. VineyardAbsorption Heat Pump Water Heating
University of Hawaii at ManoaBor Yann LiawReliable power source and management
Hawaii Natural Energy InstituteDax Matthews, Larry Cutshaw and Richard RocheleauSolar Forecasting in the Hawaiian Islands using Ground-based and Satellite Imagery
University of Hawaii - Hawaii Natural Energy InstituteSeverine Busquet, Larry Cutshaw, and Richard E. RocheleauPerformance of PV System Technologies in Hawaii
University of Hawaii - Hawaii Natural Energy InstituteSeverine Busquet, Larry Cutshaw, Brett Ikei, and Richard E. RocheleauFast Response Energy Storage System for Grid Management
Florida International University, Applied Research CenterAldo Melgarejo, Juan Carlos Herrera, and Richard JadusinghPortable Green Energy Unit
Tuskegee UniversityLi JiangFlexible Supercapacitors for Wearable Energy in Defense Applications
Peking UniversityDapeng YuHarvesting Solar Energy Using ZnO and Si Nanowires
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryIsaac Mahderekal, Bo Shen, and Edward A. VineyardGas Engine Driven Heat Pump Integrated With Desiccant System
Hokkaido UniversityKazuei Ishii and Furuichi ToruStudy on Influence of Heating Factors for Making Rice Straw Pellets at an Actual Plant in Japan
Hokkaido UniversityKazuei Ishii and Furuichi ToruStrategy for Growing the Availability of Biomass for Energy in Hokkaido
HGE Korea Industrial Co., Ltd.Johann KellererNew Gasfications technology with zero emission, superior energy efficiency
Customized Energy SolutionsRaj Chintapalli and Jacqueline DeRosaRecent Policy Changes in Electricity Markets for Integrating Emerging Energy Storage Technologies
University of BolognaCristiano FragassaAdding new functionalities to urban wind generators for a large scale deployment of the technology
University of BolognaAna PavlovicUse of simulation to optimize a vertical axis wind turbine
Sogang UniversityYoung Soo kangFabrication of Photocatalytic Nanodevices for the Artificial Photosynthesis
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)Justine Mink and Muhammad M. HussainHigh Performance Micro-sized Microbial Fuel Cell For Lab-On-Chip
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)Salman B. Inayat and Muhammad M. HussainTransforming Window Glasses into Thermoelectric Generators for Green Building Technologies
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)Sally Ahmed, Jhonathan Rojas and Muhammad M. HussainTowards the Energy Chip
Frostburg State UniversityJulie WangAeoloun Harverster® Wind Turbine Evaluation

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