Friends of NELHA (FON) is an independent, volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education and outreach programs at Keahole Point, where NELHA is recognized worldwide as a unique and innovative ocean research, business and technology park.
NELHA (Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority) is a state-operated ocean science and technology park at Keahole Point that supports economic diversity and development for the state of Hawaii

NELHA is home to nearly 40 innovative enterprises, engaged in activities such as growing shrimp, seahorses, abalone, lobster, oysters, ocean fish and pharmaceutical algae, as well as desalinating and bottling deep seawater for drinking and developing renewable energy alternatives.

In Fact, millions of bottles of deep, mineral rich ocean water are desalinated, bottled and shipped worldwide each week, making this industry one of the largest exports for the State of Hawaii!

NELHA was the site for the first successful Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plant in the world, utilizing the difference between deep, cold ocean water and warm surface water to create electrical power. A new OTEC plant is under development.

NELHA... working on tomorrow's solutions.. today.