Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo
Kevin Kondo

Kevin Kondo

General Counsel

Honua Power, LLC

Kevin Kondo is an attorney by training and has practiced law in Hawaii for the past 16 years.

He is also co-founder and President of Hawaii Bio-Waste Systems, Inc., the largest medical waste treatment and disposal contractor in the State of Hawaii since 1991, serving over 1000 health care professionals and major hospitals.

He co-founded Honua Technologies, Inc., in 2004 to design, manufacture and market a state of the art Pyrolysis technology that serves as a high temperature alternative to the incineration of chemotherapy and pathological medical, infectious and low level radioactive wastes. Over the past nine years, he has spent a significant amount of time developing business throughout Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, and Japan, systematically opening new markets for the technology.

He co-founded Honua Power, LLC, a renewable energy development company, in 2005, to utilize high temperature thermal technologies, such as gasification, to convert biomass and organic special wastes, into electricity. Kevin is responsible for new development, fundraising, and negotiating the company’s fuel supply, design, EPC, and power purchase agreements as well as permitting, regulatory compliance, legislative lobbying and public relations.

Kevin recently co-founded a hazardous waste and materials transportation company, Hawaii Hazmat, LLC. This company will provide transportation services for hazardous waste materials from the point of generation to disposal sites.

Kevin also serves as General Counsel to Hawaii Dental Group, Inc., a the largest group dental practice in the state of Hawaii, providing dental services through ten offices on four islands, and employing 180 people.

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