Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo
Michael Eldred

Michael Eldred

Mechanical Engineer

Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Michael Eldred holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and has been employed by Makai for 3 years. He was responsible for the overall design of the OTEC Research facility located at NELHA on the Big island of Hawaii, including the structural layout, seawater and ammonia piping design, hydraulic modeling, defining the system operating limits, developing the control system software and integrating all of the instrumentation and data acquisition hardware. Mr. Eldred also leads the heat exchanger testing effort. As part of the same effort, Mr. Eldred developed and presently manages an aluminum corrosion test lab at NELHA to support ongoing OTEC heat exchanger research. Mr. Eldred previously developed the mechanical system for the laser guide star adaptive optics instrument at the Subaru Telescope located at the summit of Mauna Kea on the Island of Hawaii.

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