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Ian Chan Hodges

Ian Chan Hodges


Responsible Markets, LLC

Ian Chan Hodges founded Responsible Markets LLC in 2000 with the overall mission of leveraging market imbalances profitably for long-term good. Ian also serves as the the national coordinator of the American Ingenuity Alliance which facilitates joint ventures between inventors, investors and unions to support game changing innovation for the purpose of creating and retaining good jobs.

Ian has played a catalytic role in a number of initiatives, including the following:

Helped to spearhead the drive to pass Act 209 in 2011 creating a new type of corporation that is structured to balance meeting the short term interests of shareholders with the accomplishment of general and specific public benefits. Sustainable Ingenuity Corporations can also increase the ability of inventors and entrepreneurs to protect, value and commercialize their intellectual property.

Co-founded Ingenuity Underwriters to provide commercial, valuation and litigation risk underwriting services to enable the commercialization of intellectual property and facilitate the creation and retention of good jobs in the United States as well as to promote the progress of scientific innovation and protect inventors.

Worked with national transportation industry stakeholders to develop a working 'value for value exchange' model for use within bankruptcy proceedings to promote asset maximization and job creation potential of intellectual property with a particular focus on 'green' technologies.

Engaged in individual brainstorming sessions with trustees from West Coast pension funds to develop new models of investment in healthcare and clean transportation technologies among other areas.

Secured a commitment from one of the nation’s largest banks to provide $150 million in financing for Hawaiians on their homelands. During this bank’s merger with another large national bank, negotiated a multi-million dollar commitment to capitalize a native Hawaiian community development financial institution (CDFI).

Played an instrumental role in the community friendly buyout of a Hawaiian hotel.

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