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Greg Hurst

Greg Hurst

Principal, Design and Planning


Greg Hurst is a Principal of AECOM's Design and Planning practice. A Civil Engineer and Environmental Planner, Mr. Hurst has over 30 years of professional experience in land-development-related design. He has developed sustainable site development strategies for projects in China, the Middle East, and throughout the United Sates.

As principal-in-charge, he managed the design of the water module portion of AECOM’s Sustainable Systems Integrated Model [SSIM]™, a unique modeling platform that goes beyond planning to provide decision support systems that can inform design and lead to the most appropriate sustainable development program. The Water Sub-Module of SSIM can be used to understand how developments could perform with a limited groundwater or other potable water supply, evaluate high efficiency approaches to water use, provide cost/benefit analysis of alternative water conservation packages, and consider water reuse strategies. The entire analysis is developed in the context of a water balance and minimizing the impact of development for the site.

The concept of developing a “water footprint” to compare predevelopment conditions with post development conditions encourages the efficient use of water from the time it enters the site until it leaves the site, either through enhanced quality run-off or infiltration. The goal is for the “water footprint” after development to closely emulate the conditions before development. In new projects where some level of development has already occurred, such as on brownfield sites, the goal is to enhance water quality, infiltration, and reduce the impact of storm water run-off.

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