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Yasuyuki Ikegami

Yasuyuki Ikegami

Associate Professor, Leader of OTEC Division, Institute of Ocean Energy

Saga University

Yasuyuki Ikegami is Associate Professor, Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University. He has researched on the optimization on OTEC system, heat exchanger (the condenser and the evaporator) for Ocean Thermal Energy Converstion (OTEC), and By-product of OTEC for OTEC Laboratory at Saga University for 26 years. Recently, he has been investigating an OTEC system using ammonia/water mixtures as working fluid. He has collaborated on the project with several countries, including the Republic of Palou, India, and Korea.

His special field is in energy conversion engineering, thermodynamic engineering and heat transfer. Other projects include the antifouling of heat exchanger, development of turbine, and control system for OTEC system.

Dr. Ikegami has served as a Visiting Professor at Duke University, and Deputy Director at the Institute of Ocean Energy at Saga University. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Hatakeyama Award by Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Global 100 Eco-Tech Award. He is a member of several organizations, including the Japan Solar Energy Society, The Heat Transfer Society of Japan, and The Japan Society of Energy and Resources.

Dr. Ikegami holds a B.S. in Engineering from Saga University, a M.S. in Engineering from Saga University, and a PhD in Engineering from Kyushu University.

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