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Edward Krapels

Edward Krapels



Edward N. Krapels is a leading authority on global energy issues, markets and policies, and a conceiver and incubator of transmission and other energy concepts. He is the founder of the consultancy Energy Security Analysis, Inc., until his departure in 2004 to es- tablish Anbaric, the umbrella organization over various energy projects that Mr. Krapels and his partners and investors are developing.

In 2011, Anbaric’s focus is on two areas of energy development: independent transmission projects, and microgrid initiatives. In the transmission sphere, Mr. Krapels was a founding part- ner in the Neptune Project (completed in 2007), and the Hudson Transmission Project (going into construction in 2011).

Anbaric’s transmission initiatives in 2011 include: 1.Green Line: an 800MW HVDC system using VSC technology from Aroostook County, Maine to Boston under active development in New England; 2.Massachusetts Offshore Transmission System: a “plug and play” transmission system designed to optimize and streamline offshore wind development. 3.Champlain Wind Link: a 600MW expansion of the 100MW tie line between northern New York and northern Vermont under active development in New England and New York; 4.Poseidon: a 500MW HVDC system using VSC from PJM to New York; 5. West Point: a 1000MW HVDC system using VSC from upstate to downstate New York; 6.In addition, Anbaric and its partners are pursuing transmission opportunities in Hawaii and in the seams between New England and New York.

Anbaric pursues the early development stages of these initiatives with a variety of financial part- ners, including private equity, direct investors, national and international power companies, and utilities.

Anbaric’s microgrid initiatives center around its role as a founder (in 2008) of Viridity Energy LLC, a company dedicated to developing its VPowerTM system to transform a customer’s portfolio of buildings and optimized supply and demand-side energy re- sources into a 24/7 virtual power plant. In 2009 and 2010, Viridity Energy successfully met the goals established in its first round of venture financing. At the end of 2010, it completed its B round investment, including Intel Capital, and is now well on its way to becoming an influential player in the deployment of “Smart Grid” systems in the United States. Upon the completion of the Round B financing in January 2011, Mr. Krapels left the Viridity Board to pursue specific large scale MicroGrid projects.

Mr. Krapels has written several books, dozens of monographs, and hundreds of articles ranging from the international oil and gas to U.S. electricity markets.

He received his Ph.D. at the Johns Hopkins University, his M.A. at the University of Chicago, and his B.A., at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. A native of the Netherlands, he is now a U.S. citizen and makes his home with his wife, Sarah Emerson, and their two sons in An- dover, Massachusetts.

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