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Doug McLeod

Doug McLeod

Energy Commissioner

Maui County

Doug McLeod is the Energy Commissioner of Maui County, Hawaii and feels very lucky to be in a position where his actions may be able to encourage cost efficient use of renewable energy.

The County of Maui is the largest customer of the local electric utility, and has specifically been asked by the community to “lead by example” when it comes to energy use. Doug advocates an integrated approach to energy management based on the well known slogan “reduce before you produce”. Demonstration of net zero electricity use is expected at several County facilities by the end of 2012. Net zero efforts are based on energy efficiency measures coupled with substantial amounts of solar pv and wind energy.

Prior to his appointment by Mayor Alan Arakawa, Doug was a private developer of renewable energy and green buildings. He put in the first Solar pv system in Hawaii that sells power to the utility under the Feed In Tariff and he is determined to see Maui produce most of its energy from renewables.

Doug earned a degree in political science from The Johns Hopkins University and a law degree from Kansas University. He worked for many years as an attorney in private practice handling energy and environmental matters and is now the Energy Commissioner for the County of Maui. He is married and has twin 8 year-old-daughters who appreciate their solar water heater, LED lightbulbs, and hybrid car.

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