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Pamela  Serino

Pamela Serino

Director of Quality Tech Support Office

Defense Logistics Agency - Energy

Pamela Serino began in the federal government as an environmental scientist at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md. She was a member of the chemical weapons inspection and compliance teams supporting the effort to enforce the requirements of the Chemical Weapons Treaty signed by the U.S. and other countries worldwide.

In relocating to the national capital region, Serino began a career as a fuels chemist for the Navy Petroleum Office. She was trained in the specifications and standards associated with these products and learned of equipment and fuel compatibility in order to determine if a product was fit for purpose in military equipment. This consisted of representing the Navy at standardization forums and review of test method developments. She also supported the Navy field activities with any quality, delivery or storage issues. Serino supported the Navy fuels community by educating and answering field questions about new fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids.

Presently, Serino is the Director of the Quality and Technical Support Office for the Defense Logistics Agency Energy. She has been with DLA Energy since 1998 and heads a team of chemists and quality experts that support all DLA Energy contracts. In addition to handling all field quality and testing of DLA Energy products worldwide, and laboratory testing, they are the lead on standards, energy legislation, technical solutions to energy quality issues, new and innovative energy ideas to include fuels from biomass, coal, tar sands, etc., and represents the U.S. and Department of Defense on national and international energy forums.

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