Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo

Andrea Kincaid

Division Chief

DLA Energy

Andrea Kincaid is responsible for managing and facilitating requirements for the Defense Logistics Agency Energy's Competitive Electricity, Renewable Power, Energy Savings Performance Contracts, and Demand Response purchase programs.

Andrea is currently supporting the Department of Defense and other Federal Civilian facilities in meeting renewable energy goals as established in the Energy Policy Act 2005, Executive Order 13423, Energy Independence and Security Act 2007 and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2007. She is the recipient of two Presidential Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy Management for work accomplished directing renewable efforts on behalf of Federal Agencies. Prior to this role, Ms. Kincaid spent 11 years purchasing fuel for military activities worldwide at DLA Energy.

Ms. Kincaid is certified in contracting at Level III under the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act, holds an unlimited Contracting Officer's Warrant and is a member of the Defense Acquisition Corps.

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