ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2010
Clear Fuels

ClearFuels Technology Inc.

Founded in 1998, ClearFuels Technology Inc. is the leader in thermochemical conversion of multiple cellulosic feedstocks to clean, controllable syngas for the production of sustainable, high-value energy products including renewable diesel and jet fuel, ethanol, hydrogen and power at industry-leading yields. Based on its High Efficiency Hydrothermal Reformation (HEHTR) technology, ClearFuels was awarded a $22.6 million US Department of Energy grant for Integrated Biorefinery demonstration and voted onto the Biofuels Digest list of 30 top transformational technologies and 15 top DOE Integrated Biorefinery projects. ClearFuels provides a reduced risk, lower cost commercial strategy for production of advanced biofuels.


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