ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2010
Howard Wiig

Howard Wiig

Energy Analyst, Strategic Industries Division, DBEDT

State of Hawaii

Born: Honolulu

- BA, Field of Humanities, University of California-Berkeley, 1964
- MA, English Literature, University of Hawaii, 1968
- ABD, American Studies, University of Hawaii, 1972
- Numerous Certifications in Building Efficiencies and Lighting Efficiencies, 1985-2009

Work History:
- Free-lance journalist worldwide, 1960-1968
- Teaching Assistant, University of Hawaii, 1968-1971
- Legislative Aide, Hawaii State Legislature, 1972-1973
- Landlord, 1971-present
- President, Pegasus, 1973-1976
- Energy Analyst, State of Hawaii, 1976-Present
- Chairman of the Board, Lord & Trigg, 2000-Present

Professional Areas of Focus:
- Marine Debris Cleanup
- Daylighting
- Dark Skies
- Lighting and Human Performance
- Cool Roofs/Cool Attics
- Commercial Energy Codes
- Residential Energy Codes
- Incentives for Efficiency Measures in Buildings
- Reflective roof and wall coatings

- President, Illuminating Engineering Society-Hawaii
- Chair of the Board, Lord & Trigg Environmental
- Second VP, Engineers and Architects of Hawaii
- Hawaii Science Bowl Executive Committee
- Past Vice President, Sierra Club-Hawaii
- Past President, Unity Church of Hawaii
- Past Vice President, Hawaii Bicycling League
- President, DBEDT for Business Toastmasters
- President, Lilioukalani Toastmasters
- Co-founder and President, Dark Skies International-Hawaii
- Member, Hawaii Speakers Association

- Freedom or Jail for Imogene Cole, Clean Energy Press, 1975
- “A cost Comparison of Various Methods of Retrieving Derelict Fishing Gear,” in Recent Advances in Marine Sciences and Technology, 2004
- “Marine Pollution Prevention Produces Power,” Sustainability: Mauka to Makai, Hawaii Conservation Alliance, 2006
- “Retrieving Ghostnet at Minimal Cost,” PACON Abstracts, 2007
- “Cleaning Up Island Ecosystems with Plastic and Biofuel Refineries,” Hawaii Conservation Alliance Abstracts, 2008
- “Pier 38 Partnership: A World Class Model,” PACON  Proceedings, 2010
- Numerous articles on lighting efficiencies and building technologies in technical and trade publications.

- Certificate of Recognition from Unity Church of Hawaii for extraordinary leadership, 2001.
- Certificate of Recognition from Governor Linda Lingle for extraordinary service as Aloha United Way Chair, 2003.
- “Top 50,” Innovations in American Government, Kennedy School of Business, Harvard University.
- Over 50 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards from running races.
- Advanced Communicator Gold, Toastmasters International
- Advanced Leader Bronze, Toastmasters International
- Awards from Toastmasters International Speech Competitions.

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