ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2010
Andrea Gill

Andrea Gill

Renewable Energy Specialist, Strategic Industries Division-DBEDT

State of Hawaii

Born in Honolulu, Andrea has lived in Hilo since 1979. She is a graduate of Roosevelt High School in Honolulu and Stanford University, California. While at Stanford, she co-authored a four-volume report on biomass energy for Hawaii. She began working for the State’s energy program in 1977, managing a solar planning project for the Center for Science Policy and Technology Assessment. In 1980, she opened the Hawaii Energy Extension Service office in Hilo, concentrating on the delivery of renewable energy and energy conservation information. She is currently a Renewable Energy Specialist for the State of Hawaii’s energy office, focusing on ocean, geothermal and other renewable energy technologies. She has authored a number of papers on geothermal energy and ocean energy for presentation at energy industry conferences and has written a variety of reports and public information brochures for DBEDT. She also serves as co-chair of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative’s Electricity Working Group, which is discussing programs to increase the use of renewable energy in Hawaii through increased generation and improvements in transmission and distribution systems.
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