ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit 2010
Joseph Van Ryzin

Joseph Van Ryzin

VP & Senior Ocean Engineer

Makai Ocean Engineering

Dr. Van Ryzin is founder and Vice President of Makai Ocean Engineering and has been a Senior Ocean Engineer in every major program at Makai. This work includes: project conceptualization and estimation, engineering analysis, project feasibility evaluation, preliminary and final design, testing, system optimization, computer simulation, parametric analysis and software development, computer aided drafting, project coordination and supervision, final report production and presentation, and authorship of scientific papers.

Projects in which Dr. Van Ryzin has been involved as a lead design engineer include:

  • Lead designer for the offshore deep ocean pipelines for the Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning project.
  • Several large-diameter pipeline designs including a 2 mile long, 63” HDPE pipeline for air conditioning Cornell University using deep lake water; intake pipelines for the City of Toronto for potable water and district cooling, submerged 63” dia pipeline for water transmission for the Los Angeles Water Department, and R&D programs for testing 8’ diameter pipe installations in very deep water and the R&D design of an innovative, low-cost fabric OTEC pipes.
  • Numerous deep ocean intake projects for deep ocean water applications including Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). This includes the deep sea mooring and pipe design for two floating OTEC research vessels, the design and installation of four separate, mile-long deepwater ocean intake pipelines with intake depths of 2200’ and 3000’, hydrodynamic tests on large scale pipes, and HDPE pipe research for pipe installations.
  • Numerous Outfall designs, including management of programs for three HDPE outfalls for American Samoa and one large, 63” outfall for Kimberly-Clark and the city of Everett, Washington.

Ph.D. Ocean Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 1977.
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 1968.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering major, Electrical Engineering minor, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1966.

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