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Luo Baoming

Luo Baoming


Hainan Province

Member, 17th CPC, Central Committee; Deputy Secretary, CPC, Provincial Committee, Hainan Province
Born: 1952
Birthplace: Tianjin Municipality

Biography Highlight
Luo Baoming, male, Han nationality, is a native of Tianjin Municipality. He was born in 1952, and joined the CPC in 1971. He got his Master's degree in History from Nankai University in January 1995. He was an alternate member of the 16th CPC Central Committee and a member of the 17th CPC Central Committee. He became Deputy Secretary of the Hainan CPC Provincial Committee in 2001. He became governor of Hainan Province in 2007.

Recent Career Data
2007— Governor, People's Government Hainan Province
2007— Member, 17th CPC, Central Committee
2002—2007 Alternate Member, 16th CPC, Central Committee
2001— Deputy Secretary, CPC, Provincial Committee Hainan Province
1997—2001 Member, CPC, Municipal Committee, Standing Committee Tianjin Municipality
1997—2002 Alternate Member, 15th CPC, Central Committee
1995—2001 Director, Commerce Committee Tianjin Municipality
1992—1995 Deputy Secretary, CPC, District Committee Tianjin, Dagang District
1992—1995 Head, People's Government Tianjin, Dagang District
1985—1992 Director, CYLC, Municipal-Level Tianjin Municipality

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