180 South Street
Highland, NY, 12528, United States


Type of Organization: Product Company

Industry: Energy


Prism Solar Technologies is about to start manufacturing a new, advanced photovoltaic module called a Holographic Planar Concentrator (HPC). The HPC module incorporates a proprietary holographic optical film to substantially lower costs and increase power performance.

Technology Overview

Prism’s solar concentration is achieved using a hologram imaged onto a transparent medium that is sealed between two pieces of glass. <ul> <li>The hologram is a patent protected, unique technology. Materials used are proven, time tested, and have multiple vendors, minimizing business risk.</li> <li>The fundamental science and engineering behind Prism’s baseline design are credible and well-understood.</li> <li>The concept of using holographic concentration for solar applications has been discussed in the technical literature since 1981.</li> <li>Prism’s approach is both unique and workable, and the hologram design is well-suited for a variety of PV applications.</li> </ul> Our patented technology spectrally selects which wavelengths we want and redirects the rest producing a cooler - more efficient cell… and it looks great too!

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