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Gavin Conibeer

Gavin Conibeer

School of Photovoltaics, University of New South Wales

Dr Gavin Conibeer received his PhD from Southampton University, UK, in Semiconductor Physics for tandem solar cells in 1995. He also has a BSc in Materials Science and MSc in Polymer Science from London University. He has held research positions at Oxford, Cranfield, Southampton and Monash Universities in which he has worked on most of the materials systems used in photovoltaics.

He joined the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2002 and was appointed a Deputy Director in the Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence in 2003, in charge of the Third Generation Photovoltaics strand.

This group of 24 researchers is investigating fabrication of silicon, germanium and tin nanostructures in oxide, nitride or carbide matrices; up or down conversion of the incident solar spectrum; and hot carrier solar cells.

Dr Conibeer’s research interests encompass a wide range of Third Generation and advanced photovoltaic concepts, including: Silicon Quantum Dot based tandem solar cells; Hot Carrier solar cells; Up-conversion and Photoelectrochemical cells.

He has authored more than 100 publications, including 50 journal papers.

He has successfully attracted the equivalent of over US$3million in competitive research funding as Principal Investigator - the most recent of these being a significant international collaborative project on the Stanford University, Global Climate and Energy Project - and been involved in successful proposals totalling more than US$12million equivalent as a co-investigator.

Speaking in the symposium on Solar

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