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William H. White

William H. White

City of Houston

Mayor White's leadership has brought Houston together, as shown by his overwhelming re-election to a third term. He uses business practices every day at City Hall to improve service and get things done.

He has aggressively attacked our community's most difficult challenges, such as investment in neighborhood drainage, reform of municipal pensions, holding the line on property taxes with rate cuts and increased senior exemptions, attacking crime hot spots and even faster removal of stalled vehicles to reduce wrecks and traffic congestion.

Americans witnessed Mayor White's hands-on management style when he helped lead Houston's competent, compassionate response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Now in his third term, Mayor White is accelerating work to revitalize our City's most neglected neighborhoods, with foreclosure and hundreds of new housing starts on thousands of abandoned properties. He also initiated a program to weatherize thousands of homes in older neighborhoods, saving homeowners an average of 20 percent on their electricity bills.

In addition, Mayor White has aggressive programs to enforce pollution laws, reduce the flooding impact of new developments, raise high school graduation rates, and encourage more flexible working hours.

Before serving as mayor, White built one of the region's most successful businesses. Previously he served as Deputy Secretary of Energy of the United States, where he helped diversify national energy supplies and saved taxpayers billions of dollars with management reforms. Earlier in his career, he helped build and manage one of the nation's most successful law firms.

For decades Mayor White and his wife Andrea have helped lead numerous charitable and civic organizations. The Whites are parents of three students and attend St. Luke's United Methodist Church.

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