Clean Technology 2009
Michael Kanellos

Michael Kanellos

Editor in Chief/Senior Analyst
Greentech Media

Michael Kanellos is Editor in Chief/Senior Analyst at Greentech Media, where he covers emerging technologies and companies in the green world. Prior to joining the company in 2008, he worked for CNET Network's for eleven years. Among other jobs at CNET, he launched the company's push into clean technology. He has appeared on NPR, CBS, CNBC, Fox News and other media outlets and has spoken at CES, the Japan Business Strategy Summit, Ceatec, the Irish Software Association, Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, the Flash Memory Summit and Clean Energy Venture Summit. A graduate of Cornell University and the University of California (Hastings), he has worked as an attorney, a travel writer and a busboy at a pancake house.

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