Clean Technology 2009
Allan J. Jacobson

Allan J. Jacobson

Director, Texas Center for Superconductivity
Robert A. Welch Professor of Science, University of Houston

Dr. A. J. Jacobson received a D.Phil. degree in Chemistry from Oxford University in 1969. In 1970, he became a Fellow in Chemistry at Keble College Oxford. In 1976, Dr. Jacobson moved to the U.S. to Exxon Research and Engineering Company. In 1991, he joined the University of Houston (UH) as Robert A. Welch Professor of Science. At UH, he is currently Director of the Texas Center for Superconductivity and the Center for Materials Chemistry. Dr. Jacobson was a Member of the National Materials Advisory Board (2000-2003), was the U.S. Editor for Solid State Ionics (1999-2004) and is an Associate Editor of Solid State Ionics and Materials Research Bulletin. He is the author of 370 papers and 47 patents.

Speaking in the symposium on Grid Technologies & Management

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