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Melanie A. Kenderdine

Melanie A. Kenderdine

Associate Director for StrategicPlanning,

Melanie A. Kenderdine, associate director for strategic planning, MITEI
Melanie A. Kenderdine joined the MIT Energy Initiative as associate director for strategic planning in March 2007. Prior to joining MIT, she was vice president of the Gas Technology Institute for Washington operations, where she was involved in major initiatives to increase domestic natural gas supply, enhance energy efficiency and security and promote the research needs of the natural gas industry. From 1993 to 2001, Kenderdine served in several key posts at the U.S. Department of Energy, including director of the Office of Policy and senior advisor to the secretary. Kenderdine has testified before Congress on many occasions, has served on numerous energy task forces and is a frequent speaker at international energy conferences, including the World Petroleum Congress and IEA's International Energy Experts Conference in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking in the symposium on Natural Gas

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