Clean Technology 2009
Trina Martynowicz

Trina Martynowicz

Clean Energy and Climate Change Office
Clean Air Emerging Technologies and West Coast Diesel Collaborative
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Trina Martynowicz’s diverse professional background spans a wide range of environmental professions, including environmental science, policy, and engineering. Such efforts include promoting emerging technologies to further reduce air emissions, overseeing air emission controls for highly emitting sources, creating national policy in cleaning up highly contaminated sites, and removing harmful pesticides from the U.S. market. She currently works at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in San Francisco in the Clean Energy and Climate Change Office overseeing a national partnership between Federal, state, and local governments and private industries to enhance and expedite innovative technologies aimed to reduce regional air pollutants and greenhouse gases in California’s worst air quality areas. She also serves as a lead coordinator for clean energy and climate change initiatives within the EPA’s western region. In addition, she works in the transportation sector with the West Coast Diesel Collaborative, a voluntary public-private partnership to reduce diesel fuel use and air emissions though the goods movement, including marine vessels, rail, trucks, and public fleets. Trina previous professional experiences include working at the EPA in Washington DC to set regulation and guidance to cleanup the nation’s most contaminated Federal properties. Her efforts also led to the creation of unprecedented national policies to minimize adverse environmental impacts of pollution to Native American Indians and environmental justice communities. As a California native, Trina received Bachelors degrees in Environmental Science and Politics from the University of California at Santa Cruz and as a lover of the Big Apple, received a Masters degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University.

Chairing the symposium on Transportation.

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