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39 Interactive: TechConnect 2009 in Houston

May 06, 2009

This Week at the GRB: A Lot of High IQ's

Story by KIAH-TV, Houston

By Steve Simon

It's a first for Houston. The Techconnect World Expo is here with people from over 70 countries. Its a get-together of some of the worlds smartest and brightest showing off emerging technologies. The focus is on two things: Nanotechnolgy (research into things really small) and renewable energy ideas. Like the next generation electric cars. They can now go 50 miles on a single charge, ten years ago it less than half of that.New models also have air conditioning.

"We are working on a rapid charge that can charge a car in 30 minutes," said Ken See of EV Motors.

There are also ideas for the military. Soldiers on long missions need to power their radios, GPS devices.and night vision goggles. It may take up to 20 pounds of batteries to take care of those things. But a new device changes everything.

Lockheed Martin showing off their Wearable Battery Pack. It weighs five pounds and provides enough power for 96 hours. It's made with a lithium Ion Battery and two propane tanks. Future models would replace the propane with other fuels for use in combat.

On the Nanotech side, something that looks like a microscope caught our eye. They are Nanolithography systems that allow researchers to see, manipulate and build extremely small things--like 50,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair. They cost between $150,000 and $300,000, not millions of dollars like similar devices in big research labs.

"This brings it (research) down to a whole new level" said Tom Levesque, Vice President of NanoInk.

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