Clean Technology 2009

Gasification for the next generation

P. Glova
Zero Emission Energy Plants (ZEEP), US

Keywords: clean coal, gasification


Despite the recent economic downturn, energy usage is still expected to exhibit significant growth over the next 20 years. Unlike previous periods, however, these future energy needs face additional challenges regarding environmental stewardship (and an increased emphasis on energy independence). The solution for the next generation will likely include a portfolio of clean energy solutions that include renewables as well as cleaner approaches with our existing energy workhorses of oil, natural gas, and coal. A cleaner approach to using coal as the energy solution is gasification. Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne (PWR) has developed a breakthrough gasification technology based on rocket engine heritage that addresses the challenges of capital cost, efficiency, and availability better than any commercial technology available today. The technology leverages decades of rocket engine know-how and expertise in compact design, quality fabrication, heat management, materials of construction, scale-up, and testing to develop a gasifier with a BTU conversion/size ratio unheard of the energy industry. This technology is rapidly approaching commercial scale availability. Zero Emission Energy Plants, ZEEP, is working alongside PWR and ExxonMobil to commercialize this new technology for the power, chemical, hydrogen, and liquid fuel markets. In addition, future innovations are underway that are aimed at addressing the historical challenges faced by this much needed clean energy technology.
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