Clean Technology 2009

Optical rectenna solar cell design using high performance computing

S.D. Wix, P.V. Plunkett
Sandia National Laboratories, US

Keywords: rectenna, modeling and simulation, microfabrication Sandia National Laboratories


Optical rectenna solar cells are a promising PV technology with theoretical conversion efficiencies as high as 85%. Breakthroughs in this technology could have a major impact on the future energy supply of the United States. However, two technical issues still need to be solved before optical rectenna solar cells are viable as commercial products. These issues are coupling efficiency of the free-space radiation into the antenna and producing high efficiency diodes for rectification of the output. Sandia National Laboratories has expertise in design modeling of EM fields and coupling, microfabrication techniques, and antenna design. We are proposing applying these advanced engineering technologies to solve critical issues with optical rectenna solar cells and making the technology a candidate for a viable commercial product.
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