Clean Technology 2009

Electronic-grade Aqueous Dispersions of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes

K. Edwards, W. Shih, M. Stroder
Brewer Science, Inc., US

Keywords: carbon nanotube, CNT, dispersion, separation, chirality, sensor, TFT


Brewer is a leader in the production of high purity CNTs dispersions. In partnership with Nantero, we supply surfactant-free, aqueous CNT dispersions with ppb metal impurity levels. These materials can be spray or spin coated onto wafers to support microelectronics applications, or ink-jet applied to create printed circuits. In addition we are developing high purity dispersions of SWNT enriched in semiconducting (SC) tubes to support TFT and sensor applications. Supported by DOD funding, Brewer has developed a scalable method to selectively removing metallic SWNT from high purity SWNT dispersions with out the use of additives or centrifuge. Brewer is also collaborating with the makers of CoMoCATĀ® (SouthWest NanoTechnologies) to produce dispersions that are inherently semiconducting and high purity. Such dispersions could be further enriched using the aforementioned separation technique. Brewer Science possesses a wide range of CNT dispersion post-processing competencies and is willing and able to design and manufacture custom dispersions. With our capability to purify, apply and supply CNT solutions, Brewer welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with Lockheed Martin to develop and support critical electronics applications.
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